The Story

The Mission & Story

The disASTROS Foundation was founded in 2017 by former Houston Astros John Doe, Jose Doe, and The Sportz Partnerz Agency  for the purpose of providing relief to disaster victims around the world.

The Foundation is comprised of 825+ alumni and active professional legends from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS WWE, UFC and PGA that dedicate their likenesses, hearts, and fan followings to humanitarian projects around the globe.

The Foundation’s events and products have been designed to assist Charities, Causes, Movements, and Disasters around the world to raise funds to supplement their budgets by utilizing the celebrity factor of our professional athletes. Pro Show Tickets, Youth Combines, Camps, ProPon Contributor Rewards Cards, Sponsorship and Donated Sports Memorabilia are sold throughout the communities by the participating beneficiaries to achieve their respective financial goals.

The disASTROS Foundation also contributes direct financial aid by way of grants for tickets and scholarships to the Community Festivals, Combines, Camps and Pro Show Celebrity Games to children and their families that otherwise might not be able to afford participation.

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